During the month of the heart, Team Salud explains to you a little bit about its main functions and how it works.

The heart is a muscular organ, nearly the size of your fist, located behind the breast bone, slightly to the left.

Being the most important organ of the circulatory system, the main task of the heart is to pump blood to the rest of the body, distributing oxygen and nutrients and collecting waste like carbon dioxide to eliminate it. The heart uses the rest of the circulatory system, composed of veins and arteries, to move the blood freely around the whole body.

It’s important to keep your heart healthy, since it is a vital organ, and its malfunctioning could result in death. There are ways to artificially support heart functioning, but once its health is affected, it can get difficult to perform certain activities, exercises and live a normal life.

Some of the things you can do for your heart are:

  • Keep a healthy diet: include fruits, veggies, and grains in your diet, and keep the greasy, or fried foods to a minimum.
  • Exercise regularly: doing exercise and staying in shape can help regulate your sleep pattern, and strengthen your heart, which is a muscle like any other, regulating your blood pressure.
  • Take care of your emotional health: there are many ways to take care of your emotional health, but a very important one connected to cardiac health is to manage stress levels. It is very difficult to eradicate stress, but doing activities that reduce your stress often, as well as expressing your emotions appropriately will improve your overall mood, benefitting your heart health.

We recommend taking our supplements CoQ10 and Chol-less regularly to help support your circulatory health.

Stay tuned to read our next blog, in which we will tell you how you can keep your heart healthy.

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