The Importance Of Getting Checked! Thermography vs. Mammograms

What is Thermography?

Thermography is carried out based on infrared heat emission by the body’s tissues. Your bodily cells give out heat, however cancerous tumors tend to emit more infrared heat than their healthy counterparts, i.e. they exude much more heat.

In addition, thermography is able to produce images that provide insight into the specific area of the human body, in this case the breasts.

The process is simple

The woman to be screened stands bare-chested about 10 feet from the machine, and imaging lasts for only a few minutes. The results are available instantaneously on the monitor, and the information can usually be interpreted quickly with the relevant software.

As we know mammograms can be painful….Thermography, the woman feels no pain, there is no physical compression of the breasts, and no rays or radiation enter the lady’s body.

Advantages and benefits of thermograms

Since there is neither ionizing radiation nor mechanical pressure , thermography does not increase cancer risk or promote cancer spread, making it a safer procedure.

Unlike mammograms, which become less accurate with denser breast tissue, thermography’s accuracy is not affected by tissue density.

Thermograms can also detect breast cancer years earlier than physical examinations.

Dr. Russell Blaylock, an oncologist, brain surgeon and neuroscientist, endorsed thermography. “Thermogram is also good because we know tumors are hot and benign lesions tend to be cool.” He, too, criticized mammograms.

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