When Your Cell Phone Can Cause Cancer Cells

It’s hard to believe that something as “indispensable” as your cell phone could cause serious harm to your health, and especially your brain…..

Wireless phones , computers and other gadgets have the potential to cause all kinds of health problems, from headaches to brain tumors. The correlation between brain cancer and cell phone use has been a persistent one, and research has only made this fact stronger…

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), declared cell phones as a Class B carcinogen meaning a “possible cancer-causing agent,” based on the available research.

This puts cell phones in the same group as diesel engine exhaust, some pesticides and heavy metals which says that constant cell phone use , increases the risk of two types of tumors – brain tumors (gliomas) and acoustic neuromas.

Not everyone knows that the human body is bio-electric, it’s easier to understand why biological damage from wireless phones might occur. Your body uses electrons to communicate, and inside every cell has a “power plant” called a mitochondria which can be seriously effected and create cellular damage.

**Manage Cell Phone Use:**

1.Don’t let a child use a cell phone! Unless its an emergency your child should not use a cell phone, or a wireless device of any kind.. Children are far more vulnerable to cell phone radiation than adults, since they have thinner skull bones.

2.Keep it short & sweet. Turn off your cell phone when not in use. Only use for emergencies or important matters. When your cell phone is on, it releases radiation intermittently, even when you are not on the phone. As an alternative use a land line at home and at work.

3.Limit cell phone use to areas with excellent reception. The weaker the reception, the more power your phone must use to transmit, and the more power it uses, the more radiation will be released and the dangerous radio waves penetrate into your body. Best thing is to only use your phone with full bars and good reception.

4.Avoid having your cell phone on your body, do not sleep with it below your pillow and near your head. Place your cell in your purse . Placing a cell phone in your bra or placing it in a man’s pocket if he seeks to preserve his fertility is dangerous.

5.Use a protective wired headset: Wired headsets will certainly allow you to keep the cell phone away from your body. However, not all wired headset are well-shielded, most of them are not. The best kinds of headsets are like a stethoscope, transmitting the sound to your head as an actual sound wave.

Be Safe. Be Healthy & Take Precautions.

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