Collagen Cream


 Collagen cream

This cream of Collagen and calcium returns to the skin the features and density. The face is smoothed and visibly reaffirmed, helps restore the production of new collagen and the regeneration of cells.

It has specific dermatological effects such as:

– Stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers and act as an anti-aging factor.

-Inhibit the formation of spots on the skin.

-Provide a cleansing of the skin and act as an effective dermoprotector.

Rich in collagen, calcium, and contains vitamin E to improve hydration, texture, elasticity and cellular metabolism in the epidermis thus retarding the effects of skin aging. Collagen and vitamin E make the skin firmer and more toned. They help eliminate wrinkles and attenuated expression lines.

Provides a refreshing and softening action. Due to its high content of collagen and calcium it is nourishing and protective. Additionally, it can be used throughout the body, especially in the legs, arms and belly.

How to apply it:

Perform a thorough cleaning before applying the cream. Apply the product with the fingertips in a small portion in a uniform and thin layer giving the blows in areas that denote lines of expression marked with appearances of flaccidity and loss of firmness.


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