Sarcopenia is a disease that has for a long time been associated with age, considering it a normal part of aging, since its main symptoms are weakness in the muscles and loss of physical strength.

However, in the case of people with sarcopenia these symptoms are especially pronounced, producing an abnormal loss of strength and muscle mass, which hinders the performance of daily tasks and reduces walking speed.

Sarcopenia mainly affects inactive people, although there are also cases in people who remain physically active. The lack of physical strength in turn causes an increased risk of falls and may cause the person with sarcopenia to need help performing day to day activities.

When the aging process is very accelerated and abnormal, it is possible that it is due to sarcopenia. It is advisable to be vigilant because in many cases, patients don’t know that it can be sarcopenia and therefore it is not diagnosed and treated correctly, which can cause the disease to become more severe or progress further.

Although it is a frequent pathology, there is currently no cure or treatment for sarcopenia.

What people with sarcopenia can do to improve their general health status is to exercise daily and monitor their diet to help the body maintain the necessary energy. The lack of frequent exercise can lead to loss of muscle mass aggravating the symptoms.

It is important to see a doctor if excessive weakness in the muscles and instability in the extremities is noted. Taking two capsules of CGH3 twice a day can help you increase the production of muscular mass.

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