The changes in temperature and weather conditions, the pre-holiday shopping stress and the excessive amounts of food are all factors that tend to play tricks on our immune system, leaving us more vulnerable to all types of illnesses.


Because the Holidays are supposed to bring joy and happiness, and provide you with quality time next to your loved ones, Team Salud brings you some tips to protect your immune system, so that your health does not become an extra worry during this season.

  • Bundle up.

We all want to look great for the Thanksgiving family picture, but nothing justifies posing next to an open window in a spaghetti strap dress. If you are planning activities outside such as sledding with your family’s kids, or ice skating, keeping your hands, feet and head covered is the key to not spending the rest of the holidays with the worst cold. Insulated footwear that won’t let the rain, snow, or cold through is one of the best investments to make if you’re still thinking of what to gift your loved ones. Since no extreme is ever the solution to any problem, it is important for your immune system that you still spend time outside. Getting some fresh air, and at least twenty to thirty minutes of sunlight a day can go a long way to prevent colds and cabin fever.

  • Forget the strict diet for the next two months.

While this does not mean “take every existing opportunity to overeat,” it is important that you are aware that it will be more difficult to keep a diet between Thanksgiving and the new year. Avoid causing yourself misery by forcing yourself to turn down every drink, second serving and dessert. Just moderate yourself in between holidays and sit at the table with no guilt. You have plenty of time to diet in January, and eating with guilt, or trying to count calories at your job’s holiday party will only cause you more unnecessary stress. The key is to keep a balance in what you ingest. Allow yourself an extra slice of pie, if you had plenty of veggies throughout the day. Some foods that can boost your immune system are citrus fruits, red bell peppers, garlic, broccoli, ginger, spinach, turmeric, almonds, sunflower seeds, green tea, papaya and kiwi.

  • Your sanity first.

The holiday season is filled with amazing traditions, but what people don’t talk about is the stress and anxiety the overeating, overspending and the prospect of spending time with family members you don’t see very often can bring along. Even if you don’t suffer from anxiety or depression, stress can affect your immune system by causing sleep disorders, weight gain, heart disease, digestive issues, and problems with memory and concentration. Be kind to yourself, and make sure you pencil in some time to take care of your body. Getting enough quality sleep, eating on schedule and doing activities that help you decompress are the best way to thank yourself for all your hard work, and stay healthy during the holidays.

Since we strongly believe it is better to prevent than to cure, taking supplements like Immune Support, Anamu and Colostrum daily can go a long way in strengthening your immune system and fighting off disease before even presents itself.

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