The year 2020 is arriving, and with it, the first decade of the century and the millennium is coming to an end. The new year is getting closer, and the new year’s resolutions that most people abandon before mid-February become a reality.

Salud is here to teach you how to prepare for the new year, so you can start the new decade with all the energy and choose resolutions that you won’t abandon at the first challenge.

    1. Before the year ends, reflect back, and define which areas of your life you want to start working on. If it is your first time making a list of resolutions, wanting to change every aspect of your life at once may be overwhelming and counterproductive. Remember not everyone has the same lifestyle, which is why not everyone should have the same resolutions. Many people may focus on physical goals, but you may want to focus on organizing your finances, improving your family relations, or maybe you want a change in your career.
    2. Once you define which áreas you want to evolve from the beginning of the year, set clear goals. What is the goal? If it is losing weight, or paying off a debt, be specific with what you want to accomplish.
    3. Design a plan. You need to have a clear notion of what the steps to follow are to see your goal become a reality.
    4. Put a deadline to your goal. You need a set date to accomplish your goal. Be realistic, but also demand discipline from yourself on working that goal as if you’re getting paid to do it. You will be 
    5. Get to work. Did you think you needed to wait for the new year. No way. It doesn’t have to be the beginning of the new year, of the month or a Monday to start a project. Think about how much more motivated you will be to work on your goals at the beginning of January if you count with a head start.

    Some of the areas that we recommend having in mind this year are your finances, spirituality, and since our thing is taking care of you, of course, your physical health. 

    Since discipline and constant work require focus, we recommend taking Super High Potency three times a day to keep your energy levels up to speed with your needs.

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