Healthy Diet-Healthy Breast- 5 Foods to Eat that are Preventative


A healthy diet isn’t a magic bullet against cancer, but new research shows it can help.

In fact, diet may even play a greater role than weight management in breast cancer prevention.

 “Overweight women who exercise 150 minutes a week and eat lots of fruits and veggies have a lower risk of breast cancer than normal-weight women who are sedentary and have a low intake of fruits and veggies,” says nutritionist Mary Marian, MS, RD, CSO at the University of Arizona College of Medicine in Tucson.

The following foods, in particular, may offer nutrients that promote better breast health and boost your immune system.


Spices such as  curry contains a chemical called curcumin. Studies using curcumin supplements have shown that it could play a role in helping fight breast cancer tumors…also by putting a veggie curry full of broccoli, onions, and garlic on your breast cancer prevention menu could help .


Broccoli is also key &  has garnered attention as a breast cancer prevention food. Research has shown it blocks tumor growth,  others that are anti-cancer benefit from other cruciferous veggies, including cauliflower, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, and kale.


Garlic has an impact on cell cycling, That’s the process by which a normal, healthy cell might become cancerous. Garlic contains a key ingredient called allyl sulfide. Allyl sulfides are found throughout the onion family, so adding garlic or onions to your recipes on a regular basis may aid in breast cancer prevention.


An apple a day just might keep the doctor away… apple a day may keep breast cancer away as well…— but there’s a catch. If you normally peel your apple and toss away the colorful wrapping, you’re also tossing away a rich source of antioxidants, fiber, and other compounds needed for anti-cancer nutrition. Eat the whole apple!


Omega-3 fatty acids include certain fish & fish oils Fish oils on a daily basis is important. ,Fish is also a smart lean protein source and a great addition to a breast cancer prevention plan, because anti-cancer nutrition recommendations include limiting your intake of red meat and processed meats, such as bacon and packaged deli meats.An alternative is salmon, mackerel, sea bass, and tuna.

So stay healthy & eat up!



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