With summer around the corner, it’s hard to plan vacations and activities to have fun without having to worry about the budget.

Here’s a list of activities you can do in NYC for free, so all you have to do is pick a date!

  • Go to the beach: you can get into many of the New York beaches for free, and what better way to take advantage of a hot summer day than going for a swim? Besides, some of the beaches in New York are about only an hour away from Manhattan.
  • Visit Coney Island: there are many experiences in Coney Island that you can pay to get into, such as the Luna Park, and the New York Aquarium, but walking on the boardwalk and visiting its many touristic places is something you can do for free.
  • A walk on the park: you can often find free concerts happening in Bryant Park, or enjoy plays offered by Shakespeare in the Park in Central Park. Even without any events going on, these parks are a beautiful sight to enjoy for free any day.
  • Visit museums: you can get into many of the museums in New York for free, or just paying a donation if you know on what days to go. Check out their schedules and plan ahead so you can enjoy some of New York’s cultural history for free, or at a small fee.
  • Walk the High Line: if you enjoy people watching, the High Line Park is the perfect place to partake in this activity. This park, built on an abandoned train track is decorated left and right with local plants and flowers, and always filled with the most interesting specimens of New York. It also runs right in between the buildings, so you will also get excellent views of the concrete jungle from any point on the High Line.

If you plan on having an active summer, we recommend you start protecting your body’s immune system from early on by taking Super High Potency Plus, which will not only supply you with all the vitamins that you need, but it will also keep your energy levels up, so you can have fun all summer long.

We hope you add some of these activities to your itinerary, and enjoy your summer!

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