Healthy Cocktails for the Holidays!

The holidays are known for food and the amazing opportunity to indulge in delicious cocktails. Most of us get so focused on not over-eating, that we forget about the calories that add up by over-drinking.

To keep you from stressing over one more thing this season, we’ve got two great recipes to make your favorite holiday cocktails a little lighter.

Let’s Raise your glass to some Healthy Holiday makeovers!

Recipe I-Cranberry Cosmo

Cranberries are a seasonal powerhouse and protects against urinary tract infections as well as being a great source of Vitamin C, manganese, and other phyto nutrients called flavonoids.

Cranberry Cosmopolitan: 1/2 cup cranberry liquer (organic), 1/4 cup Cointreau, 2 tablespoons lime juice. Mix with 1 cup crushed ice; strain into martini glass. Makes 2 cocktails.


Recipe II- Apple-Jack Spiked Hot Cider

Cinnamon is a huge, powerful antioxidant and can potentially to help regulate blood sugar and inhibit tumor growth. Cinnamon has the highest antioxidant and very potent with antimicrobial agent.

Apple-Jack Spiked Hot Cider cinnamon sticks are steeped with butter, brown sugar, black peppercorns, cloves, and all spice for a unique blend of spicy-rich flavors. Apple jack brandy, a cider-based brandy, or Calvados (the French version) gets stirred in for the spirited final touch.

After the Holidays make sure to try our High antioxidant MORINGA TEA! Perfect for detoxing and refreshingly good for you!

Beneficial for health of Moringa oleifera teas:
47 Antioxidants
36 Anti-inflammatories
25 Vitaminas and Minerals
27% of proteins from vegetable origin
All, 8 essential amino-acids

A Toast To a Healthy Holiday from SALUD PARA TODOS!