For many years, Christmas has been celebrated with the tradition of exchanging gifts. For the little ones, the story is that Santa Claus visits every house during the night, leaving gifts under the Christmas tree and eating the cookies and milk left there for him.

However the tradition of gifting is a cultural addition that has its root in consumerism, inviting people to buy more. For those who practice no religion, it is possible that Christmas is just about the gifts. For those who practice certain religions, Christmas represents the birth of Jesus Christ.

Since we live in a country where culture and traditions are so varied, there isn’t a right way of celebrating this holiday. This year, Salud teaches you how to celebrate Christmas from your heart.

  • Be Thankful

    Staying thankful for everything you do have, is a great habit to practice all year round, not only on Christmas or Thanksgiving. On this Christmas, remember that not everyone has a home, or a family to share the holidays with, and give thanks for everything material and symbolic that you have. Besides, giving thanks daily from the bottom of your heart will make you get used to keeping a generally more positive attitude toward life in general.

  • Give to those that need it most:

    Even if Christmas does revolve around gifting for you, think about how many times you give gifts, more as a detail than because someone really needs it. If you want to have a real impact this year, give something to someone who really needs it. Although the real sacrifice doesn’t come from giving what you don’t need and have plenty of, remember that you don’t need to give money or material gifts to make someone’s day. Donating your time to charity events, or inviting those who have no family to your Christmas dinner can create all the difference someone needs to feel loved. Give the gift of a smile to everyone you see; believe it or not, this might brighten up their day even without them noticing.

  • Say goodbye to drama:

  • This is the time to forgive and give love. If you are going to celebrate Christmas from your heart, use the occasion to heal those relationships that have room for improvement, or talk to those people you haven’t told you love them in a long time. Remember they won’t always be there waiting.Take advantage of this season of peace and love to enjoy these holidays in the company of the people you love.

And you, how will you celebrate this Christmas? What are the traditions your family holds for this time of the year?

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