Even though we would just like to eliminate unwanted fat from our body, it is necessary as a source of energy. Nevertheless some fats are good and some are bad. Here are some foods you should add to a healthy lifestyle.


1. Nuts

All nuts have different and healthy benefits. Not only do nuts contain healthy fats, they are also packed with vitamins, minerals, fiber and proteins. Especially for the upcoming season, nuts are a handy snack to bring, no matter where you go.

2. Avocados

Lately, there has been an avocado phenomenon period. This healthy fat called monounsaturated fat helps lower bad cholesterol. Furthermore their source of Vitamin B, C and E can prevent different diseases. Although they have a lot of calories, the fiber can make you feel full longer.

3. Coconuts and Coconut Oil

A study has shown that Coconuts and Coconut Oil is the perfect food that affects our health positively. Their fatty acids are used as a quick source energy as opposed to storing as fat.

4. Fish

Oily fish such as salmon sardines or tuna can keep our heart healthy. the fat in these fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids are able to improve our immune system and blood pressure. Try to at least eat fish twice a week


Our Suggestion:




It reduces the levels of bad cholesterol and helps to prevent heart issues by strengthening the immune system.  It’s a natural colon cleanser. It contains spiruline.

Suggested dose: 2 in the morning - 2 in the afternoon - 2 at night