Losing your hair? Don’t worry…you’re not alone. Thinning hair and hair loss are extremely common in both males and females, and no less demoralizing.

There are three main reasons for hair loss: low iron, low thyroid and insufficient minerals in your everyday diet. 

You do not have to be anemic to lose your hair. Doctors may say that your iron levels are normal, but now you know that low levels of iron will cause a significant amount of hair loss. Other symptoms of low iron can include: lack of energy, pale skin, breathlessness and dark eye circles…NO GOOD!

Just like low iron, low thyroid hormones are an undiagnosed epidemic. If your thyroid isn’t within the “normal” range of 0.5-5.5, this may be the cause of your hair loss. 

It is rare that a person will eat the daily, recommended seven to ten servings of fruits and vegetables. Most people eat only two to three servings daily, and as a result are suffering from the loss of key nutrients that are required for healthy hair maintenance. 

Everyone should consume a multivitamin that contains minerals in order to prevent these nutritional deficiencies associated with hair loss. But, if you’re not big on multivitamins, SPT has the perfect product for you!

Ecrinal Lotion for Women

It stimulates the scalp, strengthens the hair and helps the hair look beautiful and healthy. Daily care for anemic and tired hair.

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