From the age of 40 men can experience symptoms and physical changes associated with the decrease of the levels of testosterone. This frame is called andropause. Unlike menopause, which generally occurs between 45 and 55 years, the “transition” in men is usually slow. It can last decades and has a different progression in each individual.

Andropause occurs when aging makes testosterone levels decrease in men. While this is a functional phenomenon that occurs after age 40, gradual testosterone deficiency may be accompanied by certain symptoms that require treatment.

How is andropause manifested? 

The most frequent symptoms are the lack of energy to perform the usual activities, alterations in character, irritability, decreased sexual desire and erection response, loss of muscle strength and accumulation of fat in the abdominal area. Bone fractures can also occur more easily since the lack of testosterone favors the appearance of osteoporosis in men. 

Taking Gallito two times a day can stimulate the receptors of androgens in order to increase testosterone in men. This helps produce better erections and orgasms. Besides, Gallito acts as an antiseptic and diuretic helping cleanse the organism and it regulates blood flow and blood pressure. You can also take Rigoton, which besides stimulating sexual desire, and also improving blood flow, is filled with antioxidants and can be taken at any age.

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