One of the most particular characteristics about the human liver, is its capacity to regenerate itself after chemical or surgical damage. However, as every vital organ, it needs to be cared for to avoid disease.

Today, Team Salud brings you six tips to prevent diseases such as hepatitis, cirrhosis and liver cancer.

Avoid drinking too much alcohol
Although the liver can regenerate itself, the heavy consumption of alcohol can cause liver cells to die, forming a scar tissue called cirrhosis.

Stay away from environmental pollutants
Chemical fumes from different kinds of aerosols are picked up by the blood vessels in the lungs, and sent to the liver to be filtered. This can cause liver damage, so it’s always recommended to wear masks when handling products such as paint thinner, and applying bug spray in spaces with good ventilation.

Handle blood properly 
If you work in an environment where you may be exposed to blood spills, make sure to always wear gloves and use bleach to clean them up.

Avoid taking drugs with alcohol
Many prescribed drugs, as well as over the counter medicines, can be damaging to your liver when taken in excess or with alcohol.

Keep children away from medicines
It is crucial to teach children at a young age that they should never take someone else’s medicine. An overdose of even over the counter drugs can be severely harmful to the liver. Medicines such as Tylenol, which contain acetaminophen, should be given only by the prescribed dose, and for the right age, since for example Infant Tylenol and Children’s Tylenol aren’t equally strong and should never be substituted for each other.

Practice safe sex
If you have had more than one sexual partner in the last six months, or have hepatitis, it’s important to practice safe sex by using latex condoms, and consider vaccinating against hepatitis B.


We hope that these tips help you stay safe and away from diseases that can affect your liver. You can take our Boldo supplement three times a day in order to purify your liver, pancreas, spleen and gallbladder, and prevent hepatic damage caused by hepatitis and alcohol consumption.

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