Compared to other functions in your body, the digestive system is relatively easy to take care and keep track of, since your body sends you signals about its functioning quickly.

Here are five tips to keep your digestive system as good as new.

  • Eat fruits and vegetables: including plenty of varied vegetables in all your meals will help balance out your diet, and it supplies your body with water, fiber (which facilitates defecation, avoiding the retention of feces in your intestines),vitamins and minerals. Apples, figs and potatoes are excellent foods to protect the mucus membrane in your intestines. You can also take Acidophilus twice a day to help promote the health of the gut flora.
  • Drink two liters of water daily: besides preventing constipation and keeping you hydrated, water is important for all of your bodily functions to run properly.
  • Everything in moderation: there’s no need to cut seasoning, spices and fatty foods completely off your diet unless recommended by your physician, but the simpler the food, the easier it will be to digest. Opt for baked, grilled, steamed or sauteed foods with moderate seasoning instead of fried or processed foods as often as possible.
  • Exercise: exercising, just like drinking plenty of water, is a generic way to keep pretty much every one of your organs healthy. In terms of your digestive system, the simple action of walking thirty minutes a day can be enough to get your intestines moving, facilitating defecation.
  • Schedule a checkup: if you feel like your body doesn’t process food as it used to, schedule a checkup with your physician, or with a gastroenterologist to make sure everything is in order. It’s possible to develop food intolerances or allergies as an adult. Taking Mega Digestive everyday can help you relieve gastric ulcers and inflammations.

Don’t forget that the key to staying healthy is preventing instead of curing. Taking these simple measures while your body is healthy can help you prevent more severe gastric issues on the long run.

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