It’s very common to feel like the summer months fly by in comparison to the colder half of the year.

This summer, Team Salud brings you some tips to make the most of the nice weather and your free time.

  • Get active: reaching your summer body goals does not mean you should stop working out until next spring. Take advantage of the hot weather to redesign your workout routine into one you can perform outside. Because of the better weather, and because you may have more time to work out if you’re on vacation, you can get creative with your workout and change it up incorporating the use of your bike, rollerblades, or any other equipment, or going to different open spaces to work out. Make sure to take a multivitamin, such as Super High Potency to keep your body nourished even on the most intense days.
  • Learn a language or a new skill: the summer is the perfect time to combine strategies toward learning a language or a different skill. If you’re learning a language, you can not only take your classic sit in classes, but also browse the web for a website or app that can help you perfect it, plan a trip to a country where they speak it, or simply visit local places where communities use it as their first language. If it’s a different skill, this is your chance to meet other people who also practice it and soak yourself with it.
  • Go on vacation to a new place: besides doing it for the purpose of learning a new language, you can visit a new destination simply to fulfill your desire of exploring new lands. It’s your chance to go to a different place instead of going to the same beaches and vacation spots you visit every year.
  • Get a summer job doing something you love: if you have a break from school, or your regular job, but are considering getting a summer job to make some extra income, do your best for it to be in a field where you’re looking to grow. Try to get a summer job doing something you love, that way you will not only be making extra money, but you will also be working on your skillset and it won’t feel like a huge sacrifice of your time.
  • Meet a personal goal: we all have goals that we postpone for a less busy time. The truth is that even in your least busy days, you can find something to make yourself busy. Think about that one goal that you keep postponing year after year, prioritize it, make a plan and get it done. This above all will make your summer feel memorably productive.

We hope some of these ideas attract you, and that you’re ready to have the summer of your life!

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