During the last few years, research has shown that happiness may be linked to an overall better state of health. Some of the health-related benefits of being happy include a boost to the immune system, a longer life expectancy, improved heart health and lower levels of stress


Here are some tips Team Salud brings you to put in practice and start working on your happiness today.


Be grateful
It’s been said plenty of times that the majority of the thoughts that cross our mind throughout the day are negative. However, when you start consciously being thankful for everything that happens to you, for the lessons as much as for the instantly gratifying moments, there’s very little time left for negative thoughts.


Get your blood pumping
Even a mild exercise routine can improve your mood significantly in a short period of time by reducing stress, anxiety and symptoms of depression.


Even though common sense will tell you to wait until you’re happy to smile, smiling causes the brain to release dopamine, which will make you feel happier.


Keep your mood in mind when you eat
Complex carbohydrates such as vegetables, beans and whole grains, as well as lean meats, poultry, legumes and dairy are excellent foods to keep in your diet since they release hormones that make you “feel good” and boost your energy and concentration. Skipping meals, or eating foods that are deep fried, or highly processed, on the other hand, will leave you feeling down. We recommend taking our Titulus or Rigoton multivitamin supplements daily to keep your energy levels up.


Plan your week
This doesn’t mean you need to sketch out your calendar to the minute, but having an idea of what projects you need to tackle each week and blocking out enough time for each activity will help you feel less overwhelmed. Make sure to block out time for leisure, and to spend time with close friends and family.


Clean up your space
Your physical space, as well as your mental space can overwhelm you if it’s filled with items (or thoughts) that you don’t need and only take up space.


Keep up with your sleep schedule
Constantly sleeping odd hours, or for less time than your body is asking you for can leave you feeling tired, but also affect your emotional health and your brain functioning.


Connect with nature
Ditching your phone and disconnecting from technology once in a while can be very beneficial to reduce levels of stress. On a daily basis, you can implement putting your phone away 30 minutes to an hour before going to bed, and every once in a while, if your routine allows it, or when you are on vacation, you can turn your phone off completely; this will allow your body to reset its sleep schedule.


Whether it is guided meditation, if it includes movement, or sitting quietly breathing deeply, meditation can help you clear your mind, reduce anxiety, and even regulate your breathing and blood pressure.


Have a self care routine
In particularly rough days, taking the time to pamper yourself can really make a difference. Whether this implies getting yourself a massage, doing your hair and nails, or having a spa day at home, your body and your mind will thank you for it. You can try our Mabella Facial Cleanser, and our Elisa or Maria lotions depending on your skin type and goal to keep your it young and beautiful.


We hope that you implement some of these tips and they make a real impact on your life.


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